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Net measure

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   Since 1976 at the Samara state university under the direction of professor Y.V.Solodyannikov were performed works according to a State budgetary theme "Creation of a package of applied programs on the theory of mass service", with a State budgetary theme "Development of mathematical methods and programs of measurement of efficiency, the control and diagnostics of computer networks", and also according to a line of the major scientific research works.

   In particular were developed:

   Mathematical methods and programs of the effective organization of management and network measurements for communication networks with switching packages and messages. There are imitating program complexes in which all known methods of routing are realized practically, network monitoring and billing. ( NETSIMULATOR )

  Methods and results of researches casual functionals. In particular, integrals such as convolution from the Gaussian casual processes finding the big application in statistics of systems and networks of mass service, and also in tasks of nuclear physics, statistical radiophysics and quantum optics.

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