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Computer medicine

aball.gif (1653 bytes) Joint-Stock Company " Samara - dialogue " offers cooperation on use and development of extremely actual development.

   Since 1973 together with Institute transplanotlogy and artificial bodies AMN (the director - the academician of Russian Academy of Science V.I. Shumakov) at the Samara state university under a management prof. Y.V.Solodyannikov carried out development of mathematical methods and software of modelling and identification germodynamics in conditions of artificial and auxiliary blood circulation.

   In particular models and programs of identification of parameters of various artificial valves of heart were developed at their test for hydrodynamical stands, a line of models and programs of modelling and identification of parameters of an organism in view of such contours of management as neurogumorality, a fabric metabolism and others. Numerous mediko-technical tests of the developed programs in such modes as inside-aortal contrpulsation, change of loading, intimate insufficiency, gipoxy etc. (more then 20 modes) are carried outspent..

   On measurements from a real organism are estimated parameters of its mathematical model (are identified). With the identified parameters on model it is possible to investigate behaviour of an organism in various modes (physical loadings, intimate insufficiency, an atherosclerosis, gipoxy etc.). The model is used in a contour of management by artificial and auxiliary blood circulation, in particular, for inside-aortal contrpulsation . The appropriate complex of programs is realized in WINDOWS environment. Use of results probably in educational process, at operations on heart, in physiological researches, in researches of loadings on pilots, cosmonauts, sportsmen, submariners, climbers etc.

library.gif (1848 bytes) It is possible to familiarize with some of these results and the Windows-program under Y.V.Solodyannikov's book "Elements of mathematical modelling and identification of blood circulation" Samara: Publishing house " Samara university " 1994, 316pages.
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