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JSC " Samara - Dialog " is eager to represent your business in Samara region.
We own a building of 1500 square meters downtown in Samara (Kuibyshev st, 89) which contains office, trade and storage rooms.
We possess large computer base, we have 2Mbps connection to Internet, our own WEB-server.
Company has unique experience and worldwide known partners. Our staff consists of highly skilled experts. We allocate effective marketing structure.

JSC "Samara - Dialog"
89, Kuibysheva st., Samara, Samara region,
443099, Russian Federation
tel. +7 8462 32-17-05
fax +7 8462 33-06-13

Solodyannikov Yuri Vasilevich


The year of 1988 is considered the official beginning of Samara computer business, when "Samara-Dialog", the first in Samara (city of Kuybyshev at that time) computer company was formed.
The Company "Samara-Dialog" was formed in July of 1988 as Russian-American Joint-Stock Company and has become the branch enterprise of holding JSC "Dialog" - a first Joint-Venture in the field of information technology. JV "Dialogue" included more than eighty JSCs in countries of CIS and twelve abroad (Prague, Paris, Chicago and others.) "Samara-Dialog" worked not only in Samara region, but also in other regions such as South Ural, Nizhnee and Srednee Povolzhie, Penzensk and Sverdlovsk regions, Krasnodarsk and Stavropolsk areas... Overall - 24 representation offices in Russian cities, also in Paris and New York.
Except for selling computer hard and software, "Samara-Dialog" dealed with the development, expert estimation and accompaniment of program complexes, automation of bank and office activity, development and introduction its own know-how, development of the international tourism, development of international children's computer centre "Dialog". JSC "Samara-Dialog" has become the founder of the international investment fund , Trade House "Les", international assotiation "RosLatin", JSC "Dialog-England", had an office in New York.

And people working here are precious!

Solodyannikov Yuri Vasilevich
president, Dr.Sci.Tech., professor Samara State University, head of the chair "Software for information technology" (SWIT) at Povolzhskaya State Academy of Telecommunications and Information Science (PSATI), real member of International Informatization Academy (IIA)
Department of system integration
Sergey Astashkin
mathematician, Dr.Sci.Phisics and Math, professor and senior lecturer of Samara State University
Alexander Proshin
Vladimir Morozov
project manager, Cand. Phisics and Math
Nikulnikov Nikolay
task manager {Web-technology, JAVA-technology (Internet/Intranet)}
Educational center
Elena Kouznetsova
certified administrator
Dmitry Orlov
master-instructor Microsoft, MCSE, MCDA, MCT
Sergey Inushkin
master-instructor Microsoft, MCSD, MCDBA, MCT
Sergey Mezharev
network master, Novell
Boiko O.V.
Levin E.G.
Mostovoy J.A.
Dr.Sci.Tech., realtime systems
Kamyshnikov V.V.
Cand. Sci.Tech., information protection
Nikulnikov Nikolay Web-technology, JAVA-technology (Internet/Intranet)
Science department
Sergey Astashkin
mathematician, Dr.Sci. Phisics and Math, professor and senior lecturer of Samara State University
Mostovoy J.A.
Dr.Sci.Tech., realtime systems
Kamyshnikov V.V.
Cand.Sci.Tech., information protection
Sergey Parfenov
post-graduate student
Sergey Shestukhin
post-graduate student
Korovkina E.G.
post-graduate student
Smirnov V.I.
post-graduate student
Mastugin D.E.
post-graduate student
Kozhan D.P.
post-graduate student
Proshin A.P.
post-graduate student
Ostapenko T.I.
post-graduate student
Kupriyanov V.I.
post-graduate student
Platonov K.N.
post-graduate student


Our partnersWe are proud of our partners!

Silicon Grafics , IBM, Summit Systems,

Microsoft, Novell, Oracle,


LANIT, Algorithm Group, DATA+,



Main directions of activity:

1. Science
2. Education and certification of professional programmers.
3. System integration.
4. Development and accompaniment of the programs and software-technical complexes
  • IS Remote Sounding of the Earth (Rosaviakosmos license)
  • BILLING (rate systems for ATS, Internet-provider)
  • GIS
  • ACS
5. Development and accompaniment of Internet presentations and virtual offices
6. Trade
7. Tourism (including international)
8. Computer medicine
9. Publishing
10. Advertising
11. Production of cinema/video-films


Successful projects:

AWP "head-secretary"
System "Registration and analysis of usage of a railway transportation"
Expert-consulting system on beam diagnostics "AUGUR"
System of modeling and identification of blood circulation
Shell for creation of the consulting model for the designer - technologist of machine-building firm
Software-technical complex for handling of non-stationary of dynamic oscillatory technological process simulation modeling
System of imitation modeling of computer networks "NETSIMULATOR"


Our main customers:

Samara Optical Cable Company
SK Grad
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