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Corporative information resources management

Base to vital activity of any enterprise is a reliable infrastructure
the computer systems and its accompaniment.

The Typical infrastructure of the enterprise possible to consider as complex network lumpy information resource. Reliability of its operation and accompaniment herewith possible to provide the information resources management system, which solves the following problems:

  • network administration;
  • checking and analysis of the traffic;
  • service workgroups in different network operating system;
  • the inventory hardware and software;
  • monitoring capacity to work of the systems and service wrong;
  • administration and remote monitoring DBMS, tunability and performing the administrative functions;
  • the integrated safety system;
  • management and servicing the integrated system of the backup archiving and reconstruction of information;
  • provision given level of the service of the client of information technology;
  • the integration with telecommunication equipment management system.
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